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Be Alert for Spring Storms | SERVPRO of Sioux Falls

3/1/2024 (Permalink)

heavy rain pouring down on an outdoor metal roof in a storm Let SERVPRO of Sioux Falls help you get from April showers to May flowers.

Even though our winters can often feel like they last forever, spring does eventually arrive. As the temperatures start to improve and the snow starts to melt, storms become more frequent—and more dangerous.

The further into spring we get, the stronger storms can become. Flooding is a common issue, too, especially as more and more snow melts away and heavy rains start to fall. Thunderstorms and high winds can’t be ruled out either.

With such potential for volatile weather, it is crucial that we are prepared for anything. One of the most important parts of being prepared is receiving weather alerts as fast as possible.

The Power of the Internet

In our hyperconnected society, it’s likely that there is a screen near you at all times. That makes our phones, tablets and other internet-based devices the perfect place to get forecasts and weather alerts. There are Wireless Emergency Alerts that will come to your phone for a variety of situations, but you can also opt to download several apps that can send notifications.

When you are choosing an app, make sure it is a nationally recognized organization or a local organization in order to get the most accurate information. Local news stations often have an app you can use to get notifications for more than just weather. Make sure to sign up for the city alerts, too—these can keep you up to date on lots of things going on around town.

If a storm or flood is headed your way, make sure you don’t rely on alerts alone. Watch local news stations so you can stay ahead of evacuation orders and shelters opening as well.

Non-Electronic Options

Our phones, tablets and other devices are great tools for keeping us safe, but they all have batteries that will eventually die. It is important to have another way to receive weather notifications and other alerts that does not require electricity. Storms can quickly knock out power long-term, and you need to stay informed in order to stay safe.

If you can hear the town’s emergency sirens, make sure you know the different sounds they make so that you can respond appropriately and shelter as needed. It is also a good idea to invest in an NOAA weather radio. These are generally run with a hand-crank or with solar-power and can be taken with you wherever you go.

Keep your weather radio on even after a storm has moved away. Severe weather can come in multiple rounds, and you need to be prepared to head back to shelter quickly.

Even when you are ultimately prepared for anything, you may still end up with damage after a flood or severe thunderstorm rolls through town. Call us right away, and we will start your restoration. We are available day or night to get your home put back together fast.

Serious storms can cause serious property damage. Call SERVPRO® 247 for immediate restoration assistance.

Preventing Mold in the Kitchen | SERVPRO of Sioux Falls

3/1/2024 (Permalink)

a lot of mold on the white window and slopes SERVPRO of Sioux Falls is Here to Help® when you have a mold emergency on your property.

The kitchen is the heart of a home. If you have ever hosted a party and spent hours cleaning your living room, you know that it is inevitable that almost everyone in attendance will end up in the kitchen. 

The kitchen is also one of the prime places that mold develops. Moisture from appliances and cooking makes it easy for mold to form and spread. 

With some simple prevention steps, you can stop mold before it becomes a very unwelcome party guest in your kitchen. 

Find It

In order to prevent potential mold growth, you have to first locate the places it is most likely to form and spread. It only takes 24–48 hours for a mold colony to start making your kitchen its home, so it’s crucial to regularly check and clean these spots.  

Mold needs moisture, so anywhere that can be wet is the first place you should check. This includes under the sink, but don’t forget about appliances that use water. Weekly, check around your kitchen sink for potential water leaks. Run your hand along the pipes and other water lines to feel for drips. 

Along with moisture, mold needs an organic material to grow, which means if it has started growing, the most likely place will be the wooden bottom or back of your cabinet. Keep an eye out for spots as a key indicator that there is a bigger issue. 

Every three to six months, pull your refrigerator and dishwasher out to look for excess moisture or mold growth underneath them or behind them. Keep a close eye around your stove, too. Always use a hood vent when you cook in order to pull moisture out of your kitchen. 

Prevent It

There are a few other ways to keep your kitchen protected along with putting the top places that mold can form on your regular cleaning list. 

Keeping moisture under control will always be the best way to stop mold before it starts. If there is a window in your kitchen, open it when you cook—especially on days you are using multiple cooking devices. 

Avoid clutter in the kitchen, and keep things clean. Cluttered counters can not only prevent seeing mold formation, they can also give moisture sneaky places to hide out. Put unused appliances away (make sure they are completely dry), and don’t forget to wipe down the backsplash daily. 

Clean the trash can, too, and try to avoid throwing steamy foods out. Don’t put dishes away wet. It doesn’t take much moisture on a wooden cabinet to result in mold growth. 

With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can prevent mold in your kitchen. Remember to allow for plenty of air flow when you cook, and if you do find spots, get remediation started with a single phone call to our office. We will get things taken care of so your kitchen can be the heart of your home again. 

Are you concerned about mold growth in your kitchen? Contact us to get things assessed and remediated fast. 

When You Have to Deal With a Disaster | SERVPRO of Sioux Falls

2/16/2024 (Permalink)

business man in office talking to female SERVPRO rep SERVPRO of Sioux Falls is here for your business every step of the way, from ERPs to disaster recovery.

Damage from a disaster can feel pretty overwhelming. Your home, your office and your entire community could be affected, leaving your head spinning as you try and figure out how to take the next step.

When a disaster does strike, getting our homes put back together will always take top priority, but when you are a small business owner, getting back to work can be just as important. The good news is that with some preparation and a little help from our team at SERVPRO of Sioux Falls, your life will be back on track before you know it.

Prepare Ahead of Time

In order to recover quickly after a disaster, you need a plan before one ever strikes. With a well-rehearsed emergency strategy, you and your team can keep work going no matter what comes your way.

When it comes to making a plan for disasters, communication is key. Your emergency strategy should be a regular part of staff training so that everyone knows exactly how to respond before, during and after an event occurs.

Every few months, spend time walking your building to locate water shut-off valves and fire extinguishers. Make sure exit routes are clear of any blockages and well-marked. Talk to your staff about who should handle securing parts of your building when a disaster is predicted to be heading your way.

After a disaster, make sure your employees know how to get back to work. Lay out expectations clearly, and continue to stay in constant contact to keep up with everyone’s situations. If you are working remotely, make sure secure networks and equipment are ready to go before the event happens.

If you plan on getting back to work in a different physical location, make sure keys are handed out to the right people and everyone knows when and where to report. Plan on using multiple forms of communications—some networks could be down long term after a large scale event.

Recover Quickly

Having a plan can take some of the panic and concern out of dealing with a disaster. When you have enacted a well-practiced plan, you know your business is already on the road to recovery well ahead of any damage occurring. Contact SERVPRO® the moment it is safe to do so—we are available to respond around the clock in order to start recovery.

While we begin to handle damage at your physical location, you can start communicating with your customers. Make sure you share your story on multiple platforms in order to keep as much of your community up to date as possible.

Throughout recovery, do your best to keep an open mind. You will need to be flexible about how you operate for a while as we work around the clock to get things dried, sanitized and rebuilt. Keep in mind this new normal isn’t forever.

Prepare your business for a disaster long before it ever strikes, and create strong lines of communication with your employees and your customers. With a good plan and a total restoration team like ours right around the corner, you will be back to work faster than you ever thought possible.

Has your business experienced a disaster, or do you want help building an emergency plan? Contact us to find everything you need.

One Call Can Handle Multiple Kinds of Damage | SERVPRO of Sioux Falls

2/1/2024 (Permalink)

heavy rain pounding down on a blacktop surface SERVPRO of Sioux Falls is Here to Help® when any disaster strikes!

Is there a particular cliché that you just can’t stand? The saying “when it rains, it pours” is one that is said entirely too often—and one that is often entirely too true. The idea of one thing going wrong leading to another thing going wrong holds especially true when it comes to dealing with damage from a disaster.

When Mother Nature deals a particularly nasty blow to the area or one of your appliances decides to spring a leak, one kind of damage will almost always create another.

That is why having a crew like ours at SERVPRO® right around the corner is so crucial. With a single phone call, we will have you on the road to recovery no matter what has happened.

The Impact of Disasters

Disasters can take an almost unbelievable toll on your home or even your community. Even when a storm is predicted far enough out to give you plenty of time to prepare your home and your family, things can change in an instant and be so much worse than anyone thought possible. Manmade disasters are almost worse—they are often completely unpredictable.

When rains move in and become heavy long-term, flooding will start and leave things damp—which will allow for mold to grow. High winds put your roof at risk, leave you dealing with power outages or blow around debris and threaten trees in your yard. Fires create smoke, soot, structural and water damage, as well as hard-to-remove lingering odors.

Disasters are always a pouring rain scenario as damages compound one on top of another. The longer damage sits, the worse things will be as well. The physical toll isn’t the only thing that you are dealing with either. There is a huge mental toll that comes along with every kind of disaster, which is why fast restoration is a must.

A Single Team, Total Restoration

When it comes to getting your life back on track after a disaster, timing will always matter. At SERVPRO, our team is available 247, 365 days a year. With a single call, your recovery begins. As we gather your information, we will also put together a team to head to your property and start securing and restoring your home.

Our experts are certified and highly trained in a wide variety of disaster scenarios. We make our education an ongoing process so that there will never meet a scenario we don’t know how to handle.

Our SERVPRO business is also locally owned and operated, which means we have experienced all the same disasters you have, and we have cleaned and repaired offices and homes throughout our community. We understand the true value of living somewhere so special.

If a storm blows through and damages your roof, we will get there fast in order to tarp your home and stop additional damage. When a flood strikes, we will immediately start removing water and drying out as much of your property as possible. We can even rebuild part of your home when things are damaged beyond reasonable repairs. Our goal is to get things back to normal, and we can do whatever it takes to make that happen.

We are a total restoration team, which means that our crew isn’t going anywhere until your home looks and feels like your home again. Your home should even smell like your home—which means we will stick around until every lingering odor is gone.

An understanding and highly trained staff and top-of-the-line equipment, combined with availability the moment you need us, means that we are the only call you have to make when rain in your life gets heavy. We are here to help return the sunshine to your days faster.

Have you experienced a disaster and need restorations? Make one call to our office to start recovery fast.

Uncommon Places for Mold Growth | SERVPRO of Sioux Falls

2/1/2024 (Permalink)

A dangerously moldy white wall Don't let mold invade your home! Call SERVPRO of Sioux Falls for fast remediation!

We often talk about the places the mold can commonly be found in your home. It is essential to find and correct mold growth before damage sets in, and checking the hotspots around your living space is a great way to stay ahead of the spread.

In order to truly protect your home from mold growth, though, you also need to get to know the uncommon places it can thrive as well. The more you know about where mold likes to hang out, the safer you can keep your house.

Your Appliances

You might already have your appliances that use water on your list of regular places to check for mold, but you need to make sure you are checking all the right areas. Leaks can be common underneath large appliances, but because water touches many more surfaces, there are several spots you need to keep an eye on in order to prevent potential spread.

In your washing machine, check around the seals on the door. Mold commonly grows there on front-loading washers, but regardless of what kind you have, keep it clean.

Leave the door open between uses so that things can dry out completely.

The same spot in your dishwasher is prone to mold growth, so keep an eye on the seal around the door. Don’t put away wet dishes, either—this can cause mold to grow on their surface or in your cabinets.

Your HVAC unit is another spot you may not be checking often enough. Maintain regular temperatures in your home in order to prevent excess humidity. Check around your vents to make sure things are staying clean and dry. Dust is a great meal for mold, so the cleaner things are, the less growth you will have.


Another uncommon area of our home where mold can thrive is in storage. It is easy to pack things away and forget about them. Even if you do check your attic or basement for extra moisture regularly, you need to also check cardboard boxes, papers filed away and stored toys.

Paper is a great catalyst for mold growth due to the natural materials it is made out of. If you have filing cabinets in your basement, use a dehumidifier to keep things dry. Avoid putting paper in cardboard or other paper-based storage containers as another way to prevent moisture access to the contents inside.

Keep toys that are stored away clean and dry as well. If you have young children, assume toys that should never be wet could be wet. It only takes one of your kiddos having a quick taste of his favorite plaything to leave behind bacteria and enough moisture to start the formation of mold.

Keeping mold at bay can feel like a challenging task when it can live in so many different places, but keeping a close eye on things regularly and maintaining steady temperatures in your home can go a long way in preventing growth. Getting to know the uncommon places can help you stop mold before it starts and keep your home safe from damage.

Have you found mold in your home? Contact us for fast remediation!

Keep Your House Warm and Fire-Safe | SERVPRO of Sioux Falls

1/16/2024 (Permalink)

brick chimney with lit fire logs Fire safety is a top priority for us at SERVPRO of Sioux Falls this winter. Keep your home safe with these helpful tips!

The best time of the year is when we can spend time playing in the snow and then cuddled up under a blanket with a warm fire at the end of the day. The cozy season is one of the best seasons.

It may be one of the best seasons, but it is also the time of year that house fires rise dramatically. Fireplaces, space heaters and other heating items put our home at risk when they are not used safely.

Addressing Your Fireplace

Nothing quite compares to how a fire can make you feel, especially at the end of a long day. Fireplaces can be dangerous when they are not properly cared for, though.

Wood-burning fireplaces should be cleared of ash and debris after each use. Chimneys should be cleaned to eliminate potential creosote buildup, and you should have them professionally inspected at least once a year.

Never put flammable materials near your fireplace, which might mean you need to reconsider what you are displaying on your mantle. If your fireplace is electric or gas, keep a close eye on the connecting points to ensure everything stays tight. Dust regularly around your fireplace, and make sure you have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Space Heater Safety

Do you use space heaters to add a little extra warmth to some of your rooms? Space heaters are a common source of house fires, responsible for nearly 1,700 each year.

Always put your space heater on a solid surface, and ensure it is level. Your heater should run in an open space with at least a three-foot radius around it. Never put it too close to the couch, curtains or any other flammable materials.

Check your cords before you plug in a heater, and don’t use one that is frayed or otherwise broken down. Never plug a space heater into an extension cord or power strip, but always directly into the wall. Don’t run your space heater unattended, which means cutting it off when you go to bed for the night.

Suggested Safety Features for Your Space Heater

While most space heaters are going to come with some safety features, there are a few specific things you should look for when you plan to use one in your home. If you already have space heaters and they are more than five years old, it is a good idea to invest in some new ones.

Always purchase from a manufacturer that is certified and considered reliable. Space heaters should go through some pretty strict testing before they are sold, so do some research into how yours were checked. Only use space heaters that have automatic shut-off features that kick on when the unit has been running for a while or it has been knocked over.

Make sure the cord on your unit is at least six feet long and feels well-made. Measure ahead of making a purchase to ensure the cord length will be enough to run your unit safely.

With some simple safety steps you can keep your home warm and cozy. If you do experience an issue, call SERVPRO of Sioux Falls for fast repairs so you can get back to enjoying the coziest season of the year.

A quick fire damage restoration is just a phone call away. Call SERVPRO® for immediate assistance.

Everyday Ways to Prevent Mold | SERVPRO of Sioux Falls

1/16/2024 (Permalink)

corner of moldy window with condensation Don't let mold take over your home. Call SERVPRO of Sioux Falls at the first sign of mold!

Mold and moisture are best buddies, but as much as we all love seeing best friends spending time together, these are two we need to do everything we can to keep apart.

While you can’t rid your home of all moisture, you can do something every day that will help keep your moisture levels in check and prevent mold growth.

Before you start dreading the thought of adding something new to your daily to-do list, fear not! These are easy, and there is a good chance you already do some of them.

Keeping your home free of mold problems can be pretty simple.

Start Outside

In order to protect the inside of your home, start outside. Take a look at the seals around your windows and doors in order to ensure water isn’t dripping in between your siding layers. Clean your gutters regularly as well so that water can’t sit anywhere on the outside of your home.

Not only should you keep your gutters cleared out, but you want to make sure your entire gutter system is in good shape. This is so important for ensuring water runs away from your home.

Your downspouts should stay clear, and they should be long enough to keep water moving quickly out of your yard. That means you should clear the snow away from them after a storm!

Your yard can also play an important role in keeping excess moisture out of your home. Make sure you have plenty of organic materials that create sloping away from your foundation. Keep your yard in good shape throughout the year to control moisture from the outside in.

Keep the Inside Dry

Taking care of the outside of your home is a great way to prevent excess moisture inside, but there are also things you can do every day inside. Most things are pretty simple, like hanging wet towels instead of leaving them on the floor and drying up spills right away (if you have kids, you know why this is a daily activity).

There is some other home maintenance you can do in order to keep mold at bay inside. Check for leaks regularly under your sinks, around your toilets and near your tubs.

These are hot spots for mold, so looking at them at least once a week will help you stay ahead of any growth and prevent potential damage.

Keeping your floors clean is another way to keep things safe from mold. When you mop, make sure you aren’t leaving behind puddles. If you have carpets or rugs in your home, it is crucial to make sure they stay completely dry after a spill or cleaning.

With a little bit of work each day, you can protect your home from potential foundation damage that extensive mold growth can cause. Get the whole family involved, and make sure everyone in your home understands the importance of keeping things dry.

Have you found mold in your home? Contact us to get remediation handled fast!

Where Moisture Hides | SERVPRO of Sioux Falls

1/2/2024 (Permalink)

close up of condensation on window pane and ledge Water damage can happen anywhere in your home. Call SERVPRO of Sioux Falls to restore water damage on your property 24/7, 365.

Without instant access to water, things would be much more difficult in our day-to-day lives. Just think about how often you wash a load of laundry or run the dishwasher. Even something as simple as cleaning muddy feet at the end of the day is made much easier with water that is readily available.

Water makes things easier, but when it ends up hiding out in the wrong places, it can create a complete mess. We may not be able to do a whole lot about Mother Nature when she brings us heavy rains or floods, but we can take action to protect our home from hidden leaks in order to avoid costly damage. When you know where to look, you can keep things safe.

Under Your Sinks

It might seem obvious that your sinks are a top location for water leaks, but they can actually be pretty tricky to find. It only takes a hole the size of a pinhead to drip a good bit of water, and with multiple water lines going in different directions, these drips are easy to miss.

When a leak happens under a sink, it will seep through walls, cabinets and the floor. Look under your sinks at least once a week, and feel all of your water lines for moisture. Make sure connections are tight, and take a look at the seals. Replace anything that has worn out to keep everything working exactly as it should be.

Beneath Appliances

Our washer, dishwasher, water heater and refrigerator might make our lives easier, but they are also susceptible to leaks. These leaks often happen underneath or behind the appliance, which means structural damage might set in before you ever know a leak has started.

The best way to catch these leaks is by pulling out your appliances every few months. Give the area around them a deep-cleaning, and check for signs of water damage. Mold growth, soft spots in the floor or puddles are all signs of a problem. Make sure the water lines leading into the appliance are in good shape to prevent excess moisture buildup.

Behind Your Walls or Floors

One of the reasons it is so important to find and correct leaks fast is because of how many other parts of your house might be affected. Water moves fast, and even a small leak can cause water to seep through every crack and crevice possible, working its way under the floor and behind the wall.

Never ignore a musty smell or a creaky floorboard, especially when you notice them near an appliance. These are both indicators that a bigger issue could be happening and you need to do some investigating.

Around Your Windows and Doors

If finding condensation on your windows is a common sight, you might want to spend some time checking for damage. While condensation can commonly form when the weather swings in temperature, this condensation can stick around and work its way into cracks and crevices, causing structural damage.

Use your hands to feel around the window frames and doorframes. If things are wet, take a look at the seals and freshen up anything that has worn out. Look for damaged wood or space in the frames and correct those as well to prevent future damage.

If your home does end up with water damage, it doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world. Just make one call to SERVPRO®, and we will respond to your property fast. We can handle a completely flooded basement or damage that has set in over time. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t ignore signs of water damage! Call SERVPRO for a quick restoration.

The Causes of Mold | SERVPRO of Sioux Falls

1/2/2024 (Permalink)

Mold fungus and moist in right corner of window frame and on glass SERVPRO of Sioux Falls is here for your when you need mold removed!

Mold feels like one of those words that you should only whisper in secret. It can quickly cause a little bit of panic in any homeowner’s heart when the topic of potential mold growth comes up in conversations.

Mold actually grows everywhere, though, and is always present in the air outside, too. But it can quickly become a problem when it begins to hang out and spread, and it can even leave your home dealing with structural issues.

Understanding what causes mold is the best way to take preventive steps against it. Most everyone knows that mold and moisture are best buds, but get to know some of the other factors that could lead to a mold problem so you can stop the spread.

The Main Causes

Mold thrives in dark and damp atmospheres, but it can also grow just about anywhere. In your home, attics, bathrooms, kitchens and basements are the most vulnerable to rapid and damaging mold growth.

Moisture and organic materials are required for mold to grow and spread, but there are a few other things you should look for when you are investigating for potential mold development.

  1. Poor ventilation. Rooms with high levels of humidity are at risk for mold growth when the moisture in the air has nowhere to Bathrooms and kitchen commonly have this problem, but any room in your home that lacks air flow can be at risk. Uneven temperatures in your home can also lead to an increase in humidity.
  1. Leaks. This one might feel a little more obvious, but did you know that a leak the size of a pinhole can waste between two and 20 gallons of water a day? Leaks under appliances or sinks can often go unnoticed, creating a moist environment perfect for mold development.
  1. Condensation. Water droplets that form on pipes, appliances or air vents create a good atmosphere for mold growth. Like with small leaks in water lines running under appliances, condensation often goes unnoticed until it becomes a much bigger problem.

Preventive Steps

The good news is that even with these often overlooked mold-prone areas, there are steps you can take to keep your home protected and stop growth before damage is done. A little regular maintenance can go a long way in avoiding costly repairs.

Pull your appliances with water lines out and away from the wall every few months. Look for mold on walls near the appliance and under it, and check to make sure there are no drips or soft spots in the floor.

Update the ventilation in your bathrooms and kitchens to ensure moist air has somewhere to go. Even just opening a window after a shower or while you cook can help prevent excess moisture. Maintaining a steady temperature in your home is another helpful way to stop mold before it can start.

Mold really isn’t a dirty word, and it really isn’t something we should fear either. The more you understand about how it forms and what to do about it, the safer your home will stay.

Have you spotted mold in your home? Contact us for fast remediation.

Local Companies Make the Difference | SERVPRO of Sioux Falls

12/15/2023 (Permalink)

group of 3 SERVPRO reps standing near a green semi truck at a work site No job is too big or too small for our team of industry leading experts at SERVPRO of Sioux Falls!

It’s safe to say that most of us don’t spend time thinking about a disaster striking. Imagining one happening far from home is hard enough, but thinking about our house or community experiencing damage is something none of us want to do.

There are a lot of ways to prepare your home for potential disasters, but sometimes even the most prepared home might still end up with damage. A disaster that strikes inside your house from a manmade issue can create even more chaos and catch you completely off guard.

No matter how or when it happens, getting your life put back together quickly after a disaster is important. That is why local companies will always make the difference.

Making the Right Choice

Walking away from a disaster with damage to your home is an overwhelming position to be in. You need to make fast decisions, check on your loved ones and start thinking about what’s next—all while dealing with the emotions that come along with living through an event like this. What you need is someone who can take charge and help you through the process.

The faster you can connect with a team that can help, the better. Timing is essential when it comes to disasters; the faster you get recovery started, the less damage you will have. That is why it is important to choose the right restoration company. You need an organization that has highly trained and certified professionals who can respond to your call any time, day or night.

SERVPRO® is all of those things, along with so many more items that will make your restoration easy. Our business is owned by locals, which means we understand how important this community is.

Our team experiences storms and other losses right alongside you, and we have cleaned up after everything that has come our way. We aren’t just trying to get the job done, we are trying to put our community back together.

A History of Experience

Knowing that you are working with a local team that is both friendly and well trained is crucial after a disaster, but you also need to know there will be enough help to take care of your property fast. SERVPRO is backed by a national brand, which means that we will always have the right amount of help when it is needed, no matter what the size of the disaster is.

SERVPRO started in business in 1967 and quickly realized there was a growing need in the restoration industry. Since our start, we have grown to have more than 2,000 locations all around the nation, including ours right here in your Sioux Falls backyard.

Our professionals not only know the community, they are certified in everything disaster recovery. We do whatever it takes to make sure we are the only call you need to make.

We can handle your restoration from start to finish. If that means tarping your roof or rebuilding an entire part of your home, we’ve got you covered. Along with our trained and certified professionals, we stay on top of the latest technologies and equipment in order to get things put back together after any disaster.

A history of experience and a crew that lives locally and loves the community makes choosing SERVPRO simple. Whatever you need, we’ve got you.

Want to learn more about everything we can do for you? Contact us to be prepared for anything.