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Preventing Mold in the Kitchen | SERVPRO of Sioux Falls

9/19/2023 (Permalink)

bright room with visible water damage and mold on the white walls Don't let mold hold you back! Call SERVPRO of Sioux Falls if you think mold is in your home.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, right? You spend so much time in the kitchen preparing delicious meals, grabbing a quick snack or praying the coffee brews a little faster. It seems like no matter what you do to make the rest of your home inviting, when you have guests over, they all end up crowded into the kitchen.

The kitchen may be a favorite spot to congregate, but if excess moisture is allowed to set up, the kitchen can quickly become a mold hotspot.

Take a few simple steps to protect your kitchen from mold. You can keep things clean and dry so only welcome guests take up space.

Find the Hiding Places

In order to prevent mold, you have to first find it. Mold is notorious for being excellent at playing hide and seek, and the longer it hides, the more it will grow. If you add checking some of the most likely places mold is growing to your regular cleaning responsibilities, you can win hide and seek every time.

Kitchen cabinets and under the sink are two of the most common places mold could be hiding out. Check under your sink every week and fix any drips, leaks or spills quickly. Feel the back of your cabinets for moisture that could indicate mold growth, and check for any musty odors.

Every few months, remove all the items from your kitchen cabinets and give them a thorough cleaning. This will not only help you find a problem, but it can also prevent one by removing anything that could cause excess moisture.

Consider the appliances in your kitchen when you are checking for mold as well. Leave the dishwasher door open until it completely dries after it has completed a cycle, and feel under your refrigerator regularly to watch for leaks. Any soft spots in the flooring near an appliance that uses water is another indicator of an issue that could cause mold growth.

Oh, and clean or replace your kitchen sponge regularly!

Keep It Dry and Keep It Clean

Moisture and mold are best buds, so one of the easiest ways to prevent mold growth is to keep things dry. But if you have kids, your kitchen might be one part of your home that faces constant spills and drips.

Keep a towel handy and dry up anything as soon as it hits the ground. Allow towels and rags to dry out completely, or switch them out on a daily basis to prevent moisture from those as well.

Run the exhaust fan on your stove when you are cooking to help draw moisture out of your kitchen. Maintaining a steady temperature throughout your house can also go a long way in the fight against mold. For the kitchen, that might mean adding an extra fan or cracking a window to alleviate the heat of the stove or other cooking elements.

Keep your kitchen as the hangout spot in your home, but don’t allow mold in. Your guests will all be so thankful!

Have you spotted mold in your kitchen or anywhere else in your home? Contact us for fast remediation.

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