Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen badly damaged by fire

The Cleanup Begins

After the fire is out, cleanup can begin! SERVPRO of Sioux Falls is Here to Help get your home and life back to normal. Our team will begin the initial cleanup process while collecting your contents to clean and return to you. 

Smoke damage left on wall after fire

Hidden damage

Our team responded to a recent residential smoke and soot cleanup job and had their hands full. Upon arrival our team realized they would have their hands full with cleaning contents. The customer we were helping collected posters and other knickknacks from traveling and had every inch of the walls in the basement covered. The smoke and soot damage wasn’t entirely evident until they started removing items for cleaning. As you can see in the photo, smoke and soot can get everywhere. Even though a surface may be covered, if there is enough space for air to move, there is enough space for smoke to cause damage!

Soot-covered tile and counter

Smoke and soot spread quickly

Even in a best case scenario fire, where it is quickly contained and incurs minimal structural damage, a professional cleanup and restoration such as SERVPRO is recommended. Smoke and soot damage can spread quickly throughout the home and often take specialized chemicals to fully clean and remove scents.

SERVPRO crew painting walls

With you through the whole process

At SERVPRO of Sioux Falls we pride ourselves in being able to help our customers from the first notice of loss on a fire damaged property, all the way through reconstruction. Should the worst happen to your property, call us at 605-213-3303 and we’ll help you clean up, tear out, and build back “Like it never even happened.”

Team Briefing

SERVPRO believes in constant communication. We communicate with all vested parties such as insurance agents, the insured or resident, owners, and claims adjusters. We also take great pride in daily meetings with our team to check on progresses of restorations projects, important information sharing, quality inspections, and review if we are meeting our goals. This daily in house communication keeps our team and all parties on the same page. 

Art of Fire Restoration

These homeowners in Madison, SD could not believe the transformation of there home. After a destructive fire ravaged their home, they surely thought the entire home would have to be demolished. 

SERVPRO of West Sioux Falls was able to work with the homeowners and restore there home. They even told us their home was better than before the fire. 

Fire Damage Restoration

From small cleaning jobs, to full home reconstruction, SERVPRO restores homes in the Sioux Falls area that have been damaged by fire.  Our crews handle contents pack out and cleaning as well, so you know all your belongings are in good hands. 

Securing Fire Damaged Homes

When a home is damaged by fire, securing the structure is a high priority.  SERVPRO crews work quickly to secure structures in the Sioux Falls area to keep them safe and secure while the restoration process begins.

Soot Cleaning

After fire damage strikes a home in the Sioux Falls area, soot can be very tricky to remove as the home is restored.  The pros at SERVPRO in Sioux Falls can help, no matter what the soot is on.  Wet cleaning, dry sponging, or even media blasting are some of the ways that we get the home cleaned up and restored "Like it never even happened". 

Fire Odor

Fire and smoke can create overwhelming odors in your Sioux Falls area home or business.  At SERVPRO, we have the equipment to help eliminate the odor.  From air scrubbers to ozone generators, hydroxyl, wet foggers and even hot foggers, we have a solution that fits your situation.